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Brain Embroidery

The Surprising Fact About Willpower

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Hey Paul Studios

Many of us think that the way to achieve our goals is with willpower.  We start the year of getting back in shape by resolving to only eat vegetables, fish, and salad while exercising every single day – NO MATTER WHAT!

So, when we give in and eat that chocolate or don’t go for our walk, we focus on the one day we didn’t perform perfectly and leap right to the belief that it’s because we lack the willpower to achieve our goal.

We give up.  We’ve never had the willpower and we never will.

Never mind that Continue reading » The Surprising Fact About Willpower


Will Power – Won’t

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: gregwest98

The more things you do, the more you can do.

— Lucille Ball

Have you ever noticed how hard it is to pass up temptation when it’s there all the time?

Some of this problem is that once we decide that we’d really like that donut or mocha or french fry, it seems that they’re everywhere.  So, we don’t have to pass up the temptation once.  We have to keep making the same decision over and over.

It’s the same as the phenomenon of deciding to buy a red Explorer and then seeing Continue reading » Will Power – Won’t

Road meditation


Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Kashirin Nickolai

Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.

— Mother Teresa

I have a hard time staying in the present moment.  Maybe, you do too.  For me, this is a problem partially because the more distracted I am the less conscious I am about what’s going on in my life.  About a week and a half ago, I misplaced my rosary.  I had found it years ago and always carried it when I traveled and lately had been carrying it in my pocket to remind me of who I wanted to be.  If I unconsciously put my hand in my shorts/jeans/slacks pocket, it broke my attention to what was going on and reminded me that I had a responsibility to be a loving person – in a Christian sense.  There were times when my Continue reading » Mindfulness


Walls Bound, Do You Re-Bound?

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Rob!
What happens when you “hit the wall?”

So much wisdom in such a simple sign. When thrown against a brick wall, tennis balls and baseballs both bounce back.  But the baseball isn’t quite as resilient as the tennis ball, and neither is the wall.

Here’s how Daniel A. Russell, Ph.D., of the Graduate Program in Acoustics, Pennsylvania State University, explains the phenomenon:

When an object, like a ball, is thrown against a rigid wall it bounces back.  …If the collision between ball and wall is perfectly elastic, then all the incident energy and momentum is reflected, and the ball bounces back with the same speed. …If the collision is inelastic, then the wall (or ball) absorbs some of the incident energy and momentum and the ball does not bounce back with the same speed.

Which is a fancy way of saying that Continue reading » Walls Bound, Do You Re-Bound?