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Fuyu persimmon

The Persimmon Paradox

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: 3liz4
Are you stuck in a “costs too much” mindset?

I know, I know – it’s the WRONG season for persimmons which…

…if it be not ripe, it will draw a man’s mouth awry, with much torment, but when it is ripe, it is as delicious as an apricot.

— Captain John Smith

But the Persimmon Paradox isn’t really about persimmons… it’s about freeing yourself from mindsets that are not useful!  (Still, if you get a hankering for persimmons because of this post, you might try “Just Persimmons”.  Mind you, I haven’t tried them because there’s only one way I like persimmons and that’s in the cookie form!) But I digress…

The “Costs Too Much” Mindset

Have you ever denied yourself something because it “costs too much?” Or found yourself deciding not to pursue an avenue of effort because it will take too long, be too hard, or take too much energy?  If so, then you’ve succumbed to the Persimmon Paradox.  Back in 2010 I read a story about a man who LOVED persimmons but almost didn’t buy the first-fruits-of-the-season because a bag of mouthwatering, perfect persimmons Continue reading » The Persimmon Paradox


After You Break the Glass, Become a Lake

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: slettvet

Got your sights set on your 2012 resolutions? Before you launch into the detail, get to know what you’re all about.

Many are so caught up in their own problems that they cannot see the big picture. Often, seeing the big picture can give one the perspective that makes illusive solutions suddenly easy to visualize. One form of hope can be accessed through stepping outside of yourself and seeing the bigger picture.

— Mr. Prophet
“The Path”

In my last post I wrote about “breaking the glass,” as a metaphor for creating a symbolic rite of passage that signals our intention to begin a new way of doing things. Today it’s “big picture time” – time to acknowledge that frustration, disillusionment and pain are part of the growth process and that finding the inner strength to move forward anyway, goes with the territory. One of the ways to do that is to Continue reading » After You Break the Glass, Become a Lake

Is Weisure Time a Good Thing?

Back to back
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Yourdon
Is weisure time a blessing or a curse for you???

I had a weisurely weekend… “What,” you ask, “is weisure?”  It’s blending work with leisure, leisure with work. Work + Leisure = Weisure. Is it a good thing?  Maybe, maybe not.

Weisure makes a value judgment and comes across as critical of the way in which many western men and women live ‘lesser’ lives because of its instant and in-touch nature.  I see the experience as enriching and don’t bemoan the passing of the ‘old’ way of life, since there is no reason why the two cannot co-exist.

William Keyser

Shackled or Free?

I remember a time when I rejected the idea that Continue reading » Is Weisure Time a Good Thing?

Ellie Wishes It Were Done!

2008-07-08 Done!!!
Creative Commons License photo credit: royblumenthal
What do you do when procrastination is PLAGUING you?

In three of my recent posts I explored various topics surrounding procrastination – Have Fun NOW, The Yes… Damn Effect, and Just Git-R-Done.  In this post I will grapple with my own inclination to procrastinate.

A short while back I was suffering from terminal procrastination. I decided at the time to draw myself a motivational picture depicting a reward for finishing.  I drew this little caricature of myself in a hammock on a desert island, enjoying the satisfaction of being done with my duties.

— Roy Blumenthal

I, Ellie, have decided that procrastination isn’t going to keep me down.  I’m declaring a truce with my To-Do List.  I’m going to shift from procrastination to productivity.

I have my ways… For instance, in the past I often tagged my To-Do List with the title: Wish-It-Were-Done.  Why? Because one day, when I was resisting doing my expense report, I sighed “Gee I wish this were done!”  And that simple thought shifted my emotional state from discouraged to motivated.  I subsequently whipped out the expense report in record time.  I also had the good sense to recognize that I’d stumbled upon a good idea: rename that darned list to Wish-It-Were-Done-List!  It’s time for me to do so again.

Here are some other techniques that have worked for me in the past… Continue reading » Ellie Wishes It Were Done!

Cup o’ Inspiration

cup with steam swirl

Take a short break and consider the following:

“The way to activate the seeds of your creation is by making choices about the results you want to create. When you make a choice, you activate vast human energies and resources, which otherwise go untapped. In the end, it all comes to choices to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.”

Amber Frey

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