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A Dabba-Whatta?

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Jonathan1946
Do you have any local eateries that actually know your name, serve up your very own home-cooked meal, and do it right, every single day without fail?

Yeah, I know – the real question is: Who’s eating out anymore?

We often bemoan the “outsourcing” of jobs to second or third world countries and rarely do we look to them for effective operational models. But entrepreneur, Seth Godin, blog-commented on Continue reading » A Dabba-Whatta?

Wounded Warrior and Dog

Shades of Gray

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN

When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?

— George Canning

Hard times change our view of the world.  When we struggle with the very same things that we judged others for, we quickly learn that the world is made up of shades of gray.

When I was younger, I was quick with the opinion and judgment.  I knew what was true.  For a very long time – probably way too long – I believed that the government was made up of people who were dedicated to service and crooked politicians were the exception. (Do NOT ask me how I could have believed that growing up in Chicago where the dead won the election for JFK.)  Priests were Continue reading » Shades of Gray

Working chihuahua

Working Like a Dog

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: soukup

Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.

— Buddha

Do you work like a dog?  When we use that phrase, we often mean that we’re working really, really hard… and not necessarily feeling good about it.

Have you ever watched a dog work?  It truly is a sight to behold.  Dogs work with such dedication and focus that they often put us to shame.  Watch any service dog.  Their focus is on the person that they are serving.  They don’t get bored.  There’s never a thought that the person isn’t good enough for them.  They serve with their whole hearts.

Some dogs even volunteer.  They go to Continue reading » Working Like a Dog

Optimism is as Easy as A-B-C

Don't Stop Believing
Creative Commons License photo credit: MrVJTod
How about it, will you do your ABC’s for 48 hours?

PattiAnn and I used to be (well I guess we still are) experts on sales and service performance improvement.  That was our niche.  What caused us to shift our focus to resilience?

Going From Hero to Zero

Well, if you are lucky enough to know and love sales or service people, you’re familiar with the daunting tasks they face: they search for and secure elusive new business, soothe the inevitable irate customers, satisfy the demands of anxious managers, overcome all the quirks and foibles of their company’s operational systems and, despite all their dedication and perseverance, they go from hero to zero on the first day of every month! That’s pretty darn discouraging.  So, to serve our customers better, PattiAnn and I hunted for and found better bounceback solutions to help them with their daily heapings of adversities.

Continue reading » Optimism is as Easy as A-B-C