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Walking to the Sky

Just a Very Small Change

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Chasqui (Luis Tamayo)

I guess that’s really what makes a good resolution.  A small change.  Not a huge overhaul of your life, but a slight adjustment, a minor activity that, when repeated over and over, makes a significant improvement in your life.

At the beginning of July, I started a new walking program.  I decided that instead of sitting at my computer after dinner, first, I would go for a walk.  I put no other parameters on my walk.  Just get up from the table, put on my walking shoes (tennies) and head out.

Depending on what’s gone on that day, I may or may not take the dog.  As much as I love her, she spends way too much time sniffing all the pmail.  She saunters and my natural walk is to get and keep moving.  If I have to drag her after me, I just get annoyed and I can get annoyed enough all by Continue reading » Just a Very Small Change

Rice Bowl Macro January 29, 2011

Take the Drama Out of Getting Stuff Done

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: stevendepolo
When it comes to “keeping the rice bowl full,” a GSD or two helps…

An MBA doesn’t impress me. A GSD does. GSD = Gets Stuff Done. Someone who has results, results, results all over their past has a pedigree every bit as powerful as an Ivy league degree.

— Christine Comaford-Lynch

I used to work with a product manager who would come to me in a panic, declaring “This is never going to get finished. It’s all wrong. I’m going to miss my deadline!”  And, the first time I heard those words I was filled with concern – for her, the project, and our track record of successes.  But after a while I figured out that Continue reading » Take the Drama Out of Getting Stuff Done

Flatbread Company, Somerville, MA, USA

Escalate Flourishing with a Double Whammy Two-fer

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: SierraTierra

Make 2012 the year you commit daily acts of random kindness – it’ll escalate wellness all over the place!

Double Whammy: The occurrence of two SUPER AWESOME things/events at one time


Today I’m advocating that you turn your attention, your efforts, your energy toward doing random acts of kindness for others.  And already a voice inside your head objects: Wait a minute! It’s the beginning of a new year and I really need to focus on my own goals! But that’s what Dan Rockwell, a.k.a. the Leadership Freak, calls “wrong-headed thinking”:

We’ve all heard people wishing they had more opportunities. This happens for two reasons:

  1. Comparing our opportunities with others makes us want what others have. Envy and greed are, however, partners with emptiness and frustration.
  2. Wrong-headed thinking about opportunities. Opportunities are not primarily about getting. Getting is the result of opportunity not the opportunity itself.

Opportunities are your chance to add value before receiving benefit…You have more opportunities than you can imagine because opportunities are about giving. The more value you add, the greater the opportunity.

Ok – so here’s the good news: I’m not suggesting you spend all day doing good – nope, I’m only suggesting that you devote about three minutes a day to this “doing good for others” thing.  And the best news of all: your actions will create a cascading double whammy effect.

Do the Double Whammy Twofer

Two wellness increases for the price of one… that’s what you get when you perform random acts of kindness:

  1. You reduce your stress by doing something good for Other People (OPs).
  2. OPs then have something good to put on their What-Went-Well List at the end of the day which increases their sense of well being.

There you have it, wellness spread like peanut butter on bread – all over the place!  But in only three minutes??? Come on, how can that be?  Well, I’m suggesting that you do TEN of what Jason F. Wright dubs the Continue reading » Escalate Flourishing with a Double Whammy Two-fer

Autumn reflected

Today’s Another Day

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Bitterjug
How do you make each day count?

My Halloween 2011 began at o-dark hundred and, just for the record, it evolved into a wonderfully productive day topped off with the delightful sounds of children having a really good time on an almost balmy October evening.  But my day began with some trepidation and some journaling… Continue reading » Today’s Another Day