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Take a Piece of Candy and Figure It Out

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: sukiweb

Happiness depends upon ourselves.

— Aristotle

I wrote previously about my habit of taking a piece of chocolate and putting it in the freezer.  Once it was in the freezer, I felt “safe” that, if worse came to worse, I had a piece of chocolate that I could eat in an emergency.  Don’t ask me what the emergency would be, I haven’t a clue.  But, there it was, my chocolate backstop.

As a matter of fact, last week, on my way to a meeting that was scheduled for a couple of hours and that had 10-15 minutes of relevance for me, I grabbed a Continue reading » Take a Piece of Candy and Figure It Out

In your face

What’s In Your Face?

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: kretyen
Have you ever been waylaid by IYFS?

Help!  I’m being attacked by IYFS: In-Your-Face-Syndrome!

In Your Face: Like the buzzing mosquito won’t let yo’ forget it…

— Anonymous

Worse than the flu bug that goes away after a few miserable days, IYFS has hijacked my month’s productivity with a horde of clamoring priorities…each one vying for attention, each demanding “do this now!”  You might remember that last month I complained about “chasing too many objectives.”  And, four weeks later, despite my efforts to focus on one primary objective, other less-important tasks have repeatedly deflected me from my mission… I’ve been: Continue reading » What’s In Your Face?

Gone Mad

I’ve Gone Mad

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Boy_Wonder
Does getting mad help you or hinder you?

All of us are mad. If it weren’t for the fact every one of us is slightly abnormal, there wouldn’t be any point in giving each person a separate name.

— Ugo Betti

Lately I’ve been getting mad at myself about things I’m not getting done or not getting done to my satisfaction… just a few very important goals I’ve set for myself, I won’t bore you with the bloody details.  But I will say I’ve been chastising yours truly endlessly, or so it seems to me…  And, no, this is not a case of expecting perfection.  And, yes, I still want to achieve the goals.  Hence the badgering I’ve been subjecting myself to…  Trouble is, not all “mads” are useful.  And so far, this particular “getting mad at myself” hasn’t been helpful; so now I’m writing this post in hopes of figuring out how to make my mad work for me.

The Trouble Is…

…under most circumstances, just sitting around pissn’ and moaning isn’t very helpful; it’s time consuming and nothing much gets done.  Then again, maybe pissn’ and moaning could help if you ever find yourself in this situation: Continue reading » I’ve Gone Mad

I’d Rather Be Talking

take a break
Creative Commons License photo credit: sun dazed

Remember the bumper stickers that said, “I’d rather be shopping”?  Well, I’d rather be talking.  I’ve always been a natural talker.  I didn’t realize that I was such a character until I got the opportunity to be in the chorus of Wonderful Town my sophomore year of high school.  You need to understand that my only motivation for trying out was that there would be boys there.  I was attending an all-girls high school (do I really need to say Catholic?) and there were no boys on campus… except during the play.  Well, when the curtain went up on opening night all my parents could say was “You’re such a HAM!”  I didn’t even know what that meant.

Continue reading » I’d Rather Be Talking

Getting Started vs. Procrastinating

Bowling Green vs. North Callaway, State Sectional
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Tell us about your “success triggers”.  What are some of your chained behavior patterns that sweep you from “getting started” to “into-it” project completion?

Who me? Procrastinate? Nah.

Why is it that sometimes I just find myself stuck avoiding a project and other times I find myself mid-project before I even know I’ve started?  What’s behind procrastination and what can we do to short-circuit it?

I have several important and urgent things I need to do.  (To understand the distinction between important and urgent, see: Yuni library – Urgent vs Important) And apparently they are things I really don’t want to do.  Because here I am up since 5AM and now it’s 3PM, and I’ve found oh-so-many other things to do during that time.  And I’ve not even started on the important/urgent gotta-do things.  What’s going on?

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