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Where Did Our Dreams Go?

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: mollypop

Originally published on May 11th, 2010.

Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.

— Francesca Reigler

When do we get old? I think we get old when we think that there’s no more possibility of success, that one day’s struggle leads nowhere but to tomorrow’s struggle. And life can do that to you. We all hit rough patches that wear us out. And sometimes we get so worn out that we forget to see the beauty and possibility around us.

Last week I met a young woman with so much energy and hope and promise and possibility that she floored me. Her name is June and she is a:

  • Day trader
  • Disney character (one of the chipmunks – no, I didn’t ask which one)
  • College student
  • Ebay vendor
  • iPhone application programmer
  • Wife

Her goal is to get a college degree and be debt free. She has cobbled together all these ways to earn money to make that dream come true. She is truly inspiring because she has Continue reading » Where Did Our Dreams Go?

Great Movie Ride Marquee

Here Be Growth

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Sam Howzit
And then there’s the rest of the story – positive feelings as marquees for growth opportunities…

Herein lies the likely reason for feelings.  Just as negative feelings are a “here-be-dragons” sensory system that alarms you, telling you unmistakably that you are in a win-lose encounter, the feeling part of positive emotion is also sensory.

Positive feeling is a neon “here-be-growth” marquee that tells you that a potential win-win encounter is at hand… Positive feelings about a person or an object get us to approach it, while negative feelings get us to avoid it.

— Martin Seligman

I admit:  When I’m feeling positive I’m usually so happy to be happy, so caught up in the joy of the moment, that I may be missing the “here be growth” message – and as a consequence, missing an opportunity to approach and explore new paths. This is one of those déjà-vu-all-over-again moments for me because last year about this time, in my post Waiting in the Wings, I wrote Continue reading » Here Be Growth

wrapped gifts under tree

Have a Real Merry Christmas

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom

Friends are God’s apology for relations.

— Hugh Kingsmill

This is the time of year that is supposed to be about getting together with family and friends.  I don’t know how it is for other families, but in my family, Christmas is like a fairy tale.  Good children get everything they want.  There are no bad children.  There are unlimited funds.  Everyone loves everyone.  And we all live happily ever after – just as soon as we Continue reading » Have a Real Merry Christmas

kaleidoscope eyes

Shake It UP!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Song_sing
Are you locked into the same ol’/same ol’? Maybe it’s time to shake it up!

Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility.

— Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Kaleidoscopes are some of my favorite toys – I have a modest little collection, nothing too special but very fun!  Some of them have “stuff” that gets re-scattered with every turn, one has fluids that move and change.  But the ones I like the very best are actually inexpensive plastic, [amazon-product text=”fist-sized toys with prism lenses” type=”text”]B003L8H6J6[/amazon-product] that refract the real world into crazy mixed-up images – with every turn, my world bends into hundreds of tiny daffy images – very cool!

Recently I heard about an “artist and Dad the second time round,” named Raghava KK and his new iPad app for Continue reading » Shake It UP!

Between 200 Rungs, Both Ways

How to Unfuddle Your In-Betweens

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: subarcticmike
Feeling frustrated with the in-betweens?

We are a goal-oriented people, and we like to know “where” we are headed–whether it’s by the end of the day or the end or our life. It’s just the in-between that befuddles us.

Terry Hershey

Today is a “moodling day” in which I get to do some enjoyable tinkering and, hopefully, arrive at some creative insights about the “in-betweens,” AKA the “not quite there yets,” also called the second stage of a transition: The Neutral Zone.

I’m starting my moodling session by playing with a silly little prefix named “Peri” – and just in case you wondered, I’m not referring to the mythical and possibly vengeful sprite named Continue reading » How to Unfuddle Your In-Betweens