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Give Way
Photo credit: ©2013 Ellie@BouncebackCafe
Feeling stuck, or at the very least, stale? Give way to seeing the world through new eyes and then see what happens!

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.

— Marcel Proust

I’ve just returned from the lands-down-under – Australia and New Zealand – where folks drive on the left side of the road. Which meant that, for this U.S. citizen who (usually) drives on the right, there were plenty of opportunities for mishap!  But because I was a tour bus rider instead of a driver, I was free to delight in all the Ozzie and Kiwi street signs that were similar but not quite the same. For instance, where I come from, the pointy-side-down red triangle sign would say Continue reading » How to Shortcut the “Thinking-I’m-Stuck” Mindset by Giving Way

frog in a pot 2

Figuring Out How to Make Things Better

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: jronaldlee

Originally published on September 20th, 2011.

A fierce unrest seethes at the core, of all existing things: it was the eager wish to soar, that gave the gods their wings.

— Don Marquis

Over and over again, in the self-help literature, you read, “It’s all a matter of how you look at it.” In other words, you can choose a viewpoint which could help you feel better.

While this may be good advice on the surface, it may be ignoring an underlying problem. If over a long period of time you are finding it hard to accept your life as it is, it’s quite possible that Continue reading » Figuring Out How to Make Things Better

Bored Now

You Don’t Need to Stay Stuck – 5 Ways to Get Unstuck

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: foilman

Frustration, although quite painful at times, is a very positive and essential part of success.

— Bo Bennett

Everybody gets stuck occasionally.  By its very nature, being stuck is uncomfortable.  It feels like being out of control because we don’t choose being stuck.  Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we’re stuck until a significant amount of time has passed.

That’s what happened to me.  This last weekend was a holiday weekend for me.  I had been looking forward to three whole days of catching up on sleep, relaxing reading, and studying.

Then, the weekend came… and I couldn’t seem to get any Continue reading » You Don’t Need to Stay Stuck – 5 Ways to Get Unstuck

Opportunity Center

Relative Reality

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

— Winston Churchill

Google defines reality as “The world or state of things as they actually exist.”  Seems pretty clear, doesn’t it?  Reality is what’s real – right?

Yes and no.

Our reality is how we perceive the world – and that’s the key… how we perceive the world.  As much as we’d like to be able to say that there is an objective reality, “objective reality” is always perceived/reported by the observer.  We may think that we can take the individual out of the picture by inserting some measurement device, but in the end, it’s still us observing the Continue reading » Relative Reality

Vicky, the Most Enthusiastic TNTer @ Elkhart Lake Triathlon 2010

Look How Far We’ve Come!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: indywriter

Sometimes you gotta look back at your past and smile at how far you’ve gotten.

— Tony Mendoza

How far we’ve gotten.  We don’t often think about that.  Many times when we’re looking backward, we’re remembering our life before.  Before husbands and jobs and kids and more responsibilities than we ever imagined.  Back then, we were eager for all of that challenge.  Now, caught up in our lives, we often forget what it took to get here.

Unfortunately, when we look forward, we often only see Continue reading » Look How Far We’ve Come!