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Cocoons — © Studio Catalina Art

Creation Takes Time

Are your resolutions born to fly? If so, remember – creation takes time, commitment and lots of patience.

There’s promise in the air – we’ve just about completed the first quarter of the year 2013 and all the energy and effort we’ve invested will soon be showing – at least that’s what we’re all hoping for ourselves. But if you’re like me, you’re getting a bit frustrated with the progress you’ve made.  You’re impatient to see some very tangible results! And you’re tired of struggling to keep your momentum going.

If so, you may want to learn a little about the Monarch Butterflies my friend Lynne welcomed to her backyard last summer. Migrating Monarch Butterflies loved the milkweed plants Lynne supplied; and laid hundreds of eggs which turned into industrious caterpillars that devoured the milkweed right down to the branches! Then, having invested huge amounts of caterpillar energy and effort into becoming quite pudgy, they Continue reading » Creation Takes Time

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

LOOK Up and See!

Every once in a while, put some pause in your life – look up and see.

The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.

— Pamela Hansford Johnson

Most of us were well taught by our parents to be duty-bound, committed to good work, persistent and determined.  Some of us are self-taught.  But either way, it’s easy to get so wound up in doing what we do that we lose track of important stuff that’s going on around us.  Stuff that only lasts for Continue reading » LOOK Up and See!

phoebe practices

Labeled for Life

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: jenni from the block

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

— Albert Einstein

We just don’t give up.  We don’t always succeed, but we don’t give up easily.  Some people claim that this is persistence.  Others call it stubbornness.  It really doesn’t matter what you call it.  What matters is how you attempt to make progress.

When we were kids, our parents and teachers carefully watched us to see what we did well.  They were looking for our talents and once they knew what they thought they were, they pushed us in that direction.

My mother, who viewed herself as clumsy and not graceful, declared that I was Continue reading » Labeled for Life

SUCCESSFULLFAILURE (opening of Dutch Identity at de Paviljoens in Almere)

Successful Failure???

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Paul Keller
Can failure be successful?

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.

— Napoleon Hill

If you think you’ve failed and give up, then you’ve probably judged the situation appropriately.  But if you think you’ve failed and you try again or look with new eyes, then perhaps you’ve successfully failed.  In an attempt to create glue that would never come unstuck, researchers developed an adhesive that was so “low-tack” it could actually be unstuck and re-stuck.  NOT what they were looking for.  Six years later, Art Fry looked at that “failure to stick” with new eyes: Continue reading » Successful Failure???

Keep going…

Persistently Stubborn

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: juandesant

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.

— Chinese Proverb

Today is the one year anniversary of my “new job.”  I’m amazed at how much this experience has changed me.

I have developed and delivered training for about 15 years.  Although one can always learn, most projects I’ve been involved with don’t really stretch me.  Yes, I have to learn about the topic I’m working on, but because I’m very good at learning new businesses and the software systems that run that specific business, it’s usually a joyful and fun experience.  Learning new businesses is something I Continue reading » Persistently Stubborn