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Cocoons — © Studio Catalina Art

Creation Takes Time

Are your resolutions born to fly? If so, remember – creation takes time, commitment and lots of patience.

There’s promise in the air – we’ve just about completed the first quarter of the year 2013 and all the energy and effort we’ve invested will soon be showing – at least that’s what we’re all hoping for ourselves. But if you’re like me, you’re getting a bit frustrated with the progress you’ve made.  You’re impatient to see some very tangible results! And you’re tired of struggling to keep your momentum going.

If so, you may want to learn a little about the Monarch Butterflies my friend Lynne welcomed to her backyard last summer. Migrating Monarch Butterflies loved the milkweed plants Lynne supplied; and laid hundreds of eggs which turned into industrious caterpillars that devoured the milkweed right down to the branches! Then, having invested huge amounts of caterpillar energy and effort into becoming quite pudgy, they Continue reading » Creation Takes Time

Windy Day Just Like Any Other Day

Into the Wind

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: swanksalot
When you’re up against the fierce winds of negativity, how do you find “the other door”?

When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

— Henry Ford

Last week I praised the hunkered down hummingbird.  But you can’t hunker down forever.  Sometimes you have to face “into the wind” and carry on despite a barrage of negative forces…  Perhaps you or the people you frequently encounter have been out of work and job searching for eons with little or no success.  Perhaps the bills are piling higher and higher while resources are dwindling down to nothing…  Or health has become an issue… Or perhaps you’ve been your very own source of negativity.  Whatever the cause, how do you face into the wind and carry on?  How do you search for and find that “other door”?  I think you start with hope tempered by patience.  How do you do that?  Start with these four steps: Continue reading » Into the Wind


Caught in Ellie’s Hall

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: aaron_language

Every wall is a door.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ellie has written in the past about how sometimes she struggles finding a way forward.  I am at that point right now.  To go back to Ellie’s post, Where the Hell’s the Door Out, I’m stuck in a hall and haven’t got any idea how to get out.

My entire life has been filled with family conflict of one sort or another.  Sometimes it was me conflicting with my parents.  Sometimes it was my parents choosing to attack me or one of my siblings.  Over the last few years, the conflict was with my Continue reading » Caught in Ellie’s Hall

Hanging on for dear life

How to Hang On

Feel like you’re hanging on for dear life?  Then it’s time for the 3-P’s: Perseverance, Persistence and Patience.

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

— Kenji Miyazawa

In a recent post, Get Yourself a Kayak, I remarked that:

…even when you feel like you “can’t get there from here”, persevere… continually sweep the horizon looking for a better passageway… and, when such a passage presents itself, persist by going “the next mile”…

Add “patience” to that recommendation and Continue reading » How to Hang On

Sunset Kayak - North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Get Yourself a Kayak

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: puuikibeach
When “you can’t get there from here” – then what?

Sometimes the unexpected sends you reeling and you suddenly find you can’t get there from here anymore…

Playing around with my new iTouch, I decided to get directions to my son’s base from my home in Maryland. So I typed “Wahiawa, Hawaii.” I got turn-by-turn directions until I hit the coast. Then I was told, “Kayak across the Pacific Ocean entering Hawaii.”

— Cindy Hays

Well, a kayak is certainly one way to cross the Pacific Ocean; but a luxury cruise has more appeal.

However, if there’s white water ahead, then I’d choose Continue reading » Get Yourself a Kayak