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Crash 3 of 5

Surviving Setbacks 101

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Velo Steve
Have you ever been so mindlessly into auto pilot that you miss the obvious and find yourself face-planted in the middle of an oopsy? Ouch. How do you recover and roll on when that happens?

Apparently my niece-in-law Rikki knows.  Currently an out-of-country graduate school student, she relies on her bicycle to get around town. Recently she posted this Facebook remark:

What goes through my mind, on my bike ride home, while staring at the ground to make sure a pothole doesn’t sneak up on me again? Well the reason I hit the damn pot hole in the first place… “If you’re too focused on what’s ahead, you forget to notice what’s right in front of you.”

And then, in reply to a friend’s remark, “you just can’t win, can you?” she added: Continue reading » Surviving Setbacks 101

Mirror image

Good Futures Hunting

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: jo-h
What is your mirror telling you?

A good mirror is encouraging, giving us a glimpse of our future.

— Julia Cameron
The Writing Diet

There’s nothing like a bad hair day to crush your resolve… and lately I’ve been entrenched in bad hair days.  You see, I’ve been “letting my hair grow longer” until I can decide on a new ’do… You’re probably thinking: Geez, Ellie’s really stuck in the transition hallway – not only can’t she choose a doorway out, she can’t even choose a new hairstyle!  A recent Rose is Rose cartoon pretty much tells the Continue reading » Good Futures Hunting

Story Time

Seeing Things Differently

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Sugar Pond

Madame, all stories, if continued far enough, end in death, and he is no true-story teller who would keep that from you.

— Ernest Hemingway

I love stories.

I’ve been making my way, very slowly, through Michael Yapko’s [amazon-product text=”Hand-Me-Down Blues” type=”text”]0312263325[/amazon-product].  As with most good books on a specific topic, Yapko uses stories to illustrate his points.  The minute he starts telling about a person or a family, I’m hooked.  The thing is that these stories are carefully crafted to Continue reading » Seeing Things Differently

Can't touch this

Prickly Happens

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: eperales
Ever have one of those days when you’re just feeling prickly, out of sorts and at odds with the world?

My flag is raised high today.  For others to see, sure.  But more so to find which way my wind is blowing.  Almost time to chart a course.

— Jeb Dickerson

Every once in a while I seem to get up on the wrong side of the bed.  And, like the young man in this YouTube video, Wrong Side of the Bed, the day just rolls out all wrong. maintains that believing there’s Continue reading » Prickly Happens

Where do we go from here? (The Unknown)

Beam Me Up!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: włodi
Ready to toss in the towel on all those New Year’s resolutions?  Already???

Try a “resolution makeover” this year. Thinking outside the box can help turn old patterns around. Free your mind and lighten your life.

— Clarissa Caldwell

Resolutions ≠ Express Lane to What We Want

New Year’s Resolutions, like advertising copy, often tend to be filled with hyperbole and unwarranted optimism… and instead of striving to achieve our dreams, we end up playing doubting Thomas to our abilities.  Martha Beck, author of Finding Your North Star wrote about this in Oprah Magazine when she recommended changing the grammar and Continue reading » Beam Me Up!