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Can't Decide  ????

Can’t Decide?

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: rainy city
When indecision has you spinning – then what?

You know what to do.
Back and forth only fear…
You’re a doer… you know exactly what you have to do.

— Dr. George O’Malley
Gray’s Anatomy,
“Here’s to Future Days, Part I”

Although the TV series, Gray’s Anatomy, is make-believe, their script writers sure do know their stuff. So when O’Malley (T.R. Knight) advised fellow intern, Dr. Izzy Stevens, (Katherine Heigl) as she agonized over a life-changing decision – should she pursue Continue reading » Can’t Decide?


Reach and Contain

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: alexindigo
How well do you tolerate “not knowing”? Perhaps you’ll find courage in Erik Weihenmayer’s story.

The next time I’m flapping my face and wringing my hands (at least in my imagination) over a whole lot of uncontrollable unknowns, I’ll remember Erik Weihenmayer’s recounting of his conquest of Mount Everest’s summit:

…the fear of climbing blind comes when I’m reaching out to the darkness when I don’t know what I’m going to find…

As the first blind man to reach Everests summit, Erik pushed the limits of his fears and found the courage to embrace a new life.  Surely there are many lessons we can Continue reading » Reach and Contain

Crying Giant

It’s OK to Be Sad AND It’s OK to be Glad

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Tom Otterness by PBoGS
When you get bad news, it’s OK to be sad… but then, what?

You wake up in the morning and you want to hide under your blanket, wishing it was still night and you did not have to face another day. …What’s going on? Maybe you have had recent grief in the family, or you are dealing with a separation, with sickness or with financial problems. Maybe there is just no particular reason…You just wake up and it’s there. The sadness. The worry. The fear.

Suburp Blogger

Sadness is simply one of the ways we process bad news. The news I’m struggling to process is not my news, but that of dear friends… Continue reading » It’s OK to Be Sad AND It’s OK to be Glad

Cat and the Fishbowl iPhone wallpaper

Trapped in the Clutches of Ambiguity

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: xploitme
Can you see your 2011 from here?

And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: Give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown. And he replied: Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light, and safer than a known way.

— Minnie L. Haskins

In my last post I put a stake in the ground with what may have seemed an ambiguous New Year’s resolution… (Look again, I didn’t say “ambitious”, I said “ambiguous”. Funny how the mind’s eye can fool.)  OK, cancel the “may have” – I’m sure it not only looks ambiguous, it is ambiguous!  You see, I resolved to: Ask, look, and learn something about “room to grow” for me and those whom I touch or who touch me…

And yes, I know that’s not what a resolution is supposed to look like.  According to tradition, I should be resolving to Continue reading » Trapped in the Clutches of Ambiguity

2.02.09: going nowhere fast
Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Team Dalog
Do you ever get stuck in not knowing?

All dressed up, with nowhere to go.

— William Allen White

In September, shortly after school started, one of my must-read cartoon strips, Rose is Rose, depicted each member of the Gumbo family on their way out the front door:

Wage-earner Jimbo purposely strides forth, lunch box in hand – DAYSHIFT FOR THE NEXT 8 HOURS – the caption reads.

Little Pasquale sallies forth wearing a wide grin and his red backpack – THIRD DESK ON THE RIGHT IN MS. HARRIS’ SECOND GRADE CLASS – his caption announces.

And then Rose is seen poised at the door, one tentative foot raised and a blank look on her face – NO CAPTION.

…that is until:
VRROOOM, Rose’s big-haired super biker-alter-ego roars forth on her souped-up motorcycle – WHEREABOUTS AVAILABLE ON A NEED-TO-KNOW BASIS – trumpets the caption!

As I absorbed the first three windows of this cartoon strip I felt a kinship with Rose-at-the-door, destination-unknown… she and me, stalled at the front door staring blankly into the great unknown… I’m stuck in the “not knowing” but unlike Rose, my alter-ego doesn’t seem to be waiting in the wings ready to whisk me forth into a bold adventure. As to my future whereabouts, it appears Continue reading » How to Get Out the Door without Getting Tangled in Your Laces