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Walking up a hill

Tomorrow is Another Day

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: pescatello

The world wasn’t formed in a day, and neither were we. Set small goals and build upon them.

— Lee Haney

Last week, I wrote about the idea of making tiny changes.  It seemed like a good idea at the time and still does, but before I got very far into the whole experiment I discovered one of MY big problems… I never leave well enough alone.  I have two tendencies that get me into trouble – ramping up too quickly and visualizing ahead.

Today, as I was walking the dog, we came back past the local church.  As we headed for it, I wondered how well I would do as we climbed the hill.  Usually, I set a good pace and then stop and catch my breath at the top of the hill.  Well, we got to the top of the hill and I wasn’t out of breath.  There was only one conclusion to draw Continue reading » Tomorrow is Another Day

Between 200 Rungs, Both Ways

How to Unfuddle Your In-Betweens

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: subarcticmike
Feeling frustrated with the in-betweens?

We are a goal-oriented people, and we like to know “where” we are headed–whether it’s by the end of the day or the end or our life. It’s just the in-between that befuddles us.

Terry Hershey

Today is a “moodling day” in which I get to do some enjoyable tinkering and, hopefully, arrive at some creative insights about the “in-betweens,” AKA the “not quite there yets,” also called the second stage of a transition: The Neutral Zone.

I’m starting my moodling session by playing with a silly little prefix named “Peri” – and just in case you wondered, I’m not referring to the mythical and possibly vengeful sprite named Continue reading » How to Unfuddle Your In-Betweens


If You Had the Chance…

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Mark Strozier
Chasing too many objectives?  Feeling flummoxed?

Emanating from the TV I heard this question:

“If you had the chance to walk the Oscar’s red carpet, how would you get ready?”

That’s when this thought-thread wormed its way into my consciousness: What do people do to get ready to walk the red carpet? Continue reading » If You Had the Chance…

Pre School Graduate

Struggle Less

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Do you ever feel as if your life is just one big struggle?  I know I do.

In her book, [amazon-product text=”End the Struggle and Dance with Life” type=”text”]0312155220[/amazon-product], Susan Jeffers focuses on what it means to have a successful life.  She takes issue with how goal oriented we are – often at the expense of the rest of our lives.  In great big bold type she declares:


In even bigger type she shouts: Continue reading » Struggle Less



Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: AntonioMou
Do you have to love the process or 2-Hell-With the goal?

Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change – this is the rhythm of living.
Out of our over-confidence, fear.
Out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope.
And out of hope, progress.

— Bruce Barton

In answer to the question “how do you get back up on the horse?”, one of our readers, Shoalisme, wrote an interesting response:

Hm-m-m! I never really thought much about that before, but I suppose I don’t ever get ON a horse that I don’t want to ride. It has 2 look pretty fun and pretty gentle…or I just take a pass. I have 2 REALLY believe I want to ride it – and if I get on and discover it’s a buckin’ bronc or a boring old nag, I just move on to something else. I don’t usually look back and regret that I moved on.

For me, life is way 2 short 2 b uncomfortable or 2 push myself towards Continue reading » 2-Hell-With-It?