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“Serving Our Troops” serves more than 5,500 steaks to Soldiers and their families

The Meaning of Veteran’s Day

Freedom from effort in the present merely means that there has been effort stored up in the past.

— Theodore Roosevelt

Whether we like it or not, this country is the target of many hostile forces.  The US military are the people who stand guard over our safety and security.  As horrific as September 11th was, we’ve had soldiers deployed throughout the world since World War II.  Even in “peace time” our soldiers are visible signs of our strength and influence throughout the world.  This makes them the target that can be attacked, without warning, at any time, for any reason.  This has always been the Continue reading » The Meaning of Veteran’s Day

N.D. training to fight fires

Drinking from a Fire Hose – Gulp!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: The National Guard
Are middle-of-the-night worries hosing your sleep?

People get so in the habit of worry that if you save them from drowning and put them on a bank to dry in the sun with hot chocolate and muffins they wonder whether they are catching cold.

— John Jay Chapman

From my Not-Quite-Daily-Insights-Journal: …Things that made perfect sense worrying about all night long [now] by the light of day make no sense at all; I wakefully toss and turn fretting and deciding and then about 5AM fall into a sound sleep from which I awaken with only a sense that something is wrong but try as I might I cannot resurrect the perfect sense-nonsense anymore… SIGH. Solutions so fretfully won have evaporated into confused mist.  What was I thinking? Continue reading » Drinking from a Fire Hose – Gulp!

Must Be A Sign

Where Do You Want to Go? Wait For It…

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: craigmdennis
You are here, where do you want to go? Sometimes my impatience with “not knowing” works for me, sometimes it doesn’t.  How about you?

Even the wildest dreams have to start somewhere. Allow yourself the time and space to let your mind wander and your imagination fly.

— Oprah Winfrey

Have you sensed a theme in my recent posts?  Me too.  It’s not that I don’t have goals.  I do.  It’s that they lack joie de vivre – there’s no exuberance, no juice in them. So, even though I may be feeling the stirrings of new beginnings, my “vision”, my long-view is clouded and I’m left longing for some sparkling clarity! I am here, where do I want to go – I want to know now!

And while I’m counting on myself to create a new vision book that will engage my conscious and unconscious mind into knowing what my dreams really look like, I’m also feeling the equivalent of writer’s block… As I’ve said before, I’m not looking for standard future fare: career, family, retirement, leisure activities – been there, done that, enjoying the fruits of my labors. No, this is a different nut to Continue reading » Where Do You Want to Go? Wait For It…

Where Did Our Dreams Go?

Creative Commons License photo credit: mollypop

Happiness is an attitude.  We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong.  The amount of work is the same.

— Francesca Reigler

When do we get old?  I think we get old when we think that there’s no more possibility of success, that one day’s struggle leads nowhere but to tomorrow’s struggle.  And life can do that to you.  We all hit rough patches that wear us out.  And sometimes we get so worn out that we forget to see the beauty and possibility around us.

Last week I met a young woman with so much energy and hope and promise and possibility that she floored me.  Her name is June and she is a:

  • Day trader
  • Disney character (one of the chipmunks – no, I didn’t ask which one)
  • College student
  • Ebay vendor
  • iPhone application programmer
  • Wife

Her goal is to get a college degree and be debt free.  She has cobbled together all these ways to earn money to make that dream come true.  She is truly inspiring because she has Continue reading » Where Did Our Dreams Go?

At the Dawn of This New Year, What Motivates You?

En camino ..
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mario Pleitez
What motivates you to swing into action and get things done?

Why is it that New Year’s resolutions get such a bad rap?  Why don’t we just swing into action and get every one of our resolutions done – Ta da – mission accomplished!

I offer two possibilities:

  1. Resolutions that are too many and too big defeat us before we even begin.
  2. Trying to succeed using other people’s motivators sabotages our efforts.

Too Many, Too Big

If you’ve already created a long list of potential new year’s resolutions, I encourage you to heed this wise caution from Og Mandino:

You will achieve your grand dream a day at a time, so set goals for each day – not long and difficult projects, but chores that will take you, step by step, toward your rainbow.

Write them down, if you must, but limit your list so that you won’t have to drag today’s undone matters into tomorrow. Remember that you cannot build your pyramid in twenty-four hours. Be patient.

Never allow your day to become so cluttered that you neglect your most Continue reading » At the Dawn of This New Year, What Motivates You?