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Sydney makes the carry-on limit

One Day at a Time

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: mil8

Practice means to perform over and over again, in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.

— Martha Graham

Why do some of us look at a challenge and declare that we can’t do it while others simply choose to move forward determined to find a way?

Which do you do?

What’s Your Style?

I do both.  I am the person who looks at a challenge and says that I can’t do it.

I am also the person who Continue reading » One Day at a Time

Funnel Cloud

10 Minutes of Turbulence

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: f2n_downtown

We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.

— Tom Robbins

In his latest book, Joel Osteen tells of a flight to India that he took with his father.  Doing missionary work in India was one of Osteen’s father’s joys in life.  Sure, he liked saving souls here, but he really loved India.  Every year, the Osteen family would go on mission trips to India.  One year, 13 hours into a 15 hour flight, they encountered the worst Continue reading » 10 Minutes of Turbulence


It’s In There

Little things are indeed little, but to be faithful in little things is a great thing.

— Mother Teresa

Prego Spaghetti Sauce has a tag line – “It’s in there.”  In their commercials, various people would ask about this or that favorite ingredient that their mother had used when making her spaghetti sauce and the answer was always the same – It’s in there.  So, you don’t need to make sauce yourself, just use Prego, ’cuz it’s got everything you could possibly want.

When it comes to us, just like with Prego, we have Continue reading » It’s In There

Keep going…

Persistently Stubborn

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: juandesant

To get through the hardest journey we need take only one step at a time, but we must keep on stepping.

— Chinese Proverb

Today is the one year anniversary of my “new job.”  I’m amazed at how much this experience has changed me.

I have developed and delivered training for about 15 years.  Although one can always learn, most projects I’ve been involved with don’t really stretch me.  Yes, I have to learn about the topic I’m working on, but because I’m very good at learning new businesses and the software systems that run that specific business, it’s usually a joyful and fun experience.  Learning new businesses is something I Continue reading » Persistently Stubborn

children hand in hand

Together We Can Do More

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Lara604

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

— James Cash Penney (JC PENNEY)

It’s only the middle of January and already it’s been a challenging year.  Within my small group of friends and coworkers, there have been three deaths in our families and two major automobile accidents.  Today, the Ladies of Literature had their annual meeting to toast the new year and pick our books for 2012.  One of our members said that 2012 had to get better from here.  Another member predicted that we just might look back on 2011 as a really good year once we saw what Continue reading » Together We Can Do More