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Looking for Rocks

Now is NOT the Time for Sorting Gravel

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: edenpictures
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information, emails, work, and interactions that barrage you each and every day, here’s some advice from, “Schedule the big rocks, don’t sort gravel…”

Time was once just a clock to me
And life was just a book a biography
Success was something you just had to be
And I would spend myself unknowingly

— John Prine

Many of us “spend ourselves unknowingly” as we tackle the urgent but not necessarily important tasks.  We fritter away our time working on a myriad of demanding tasks that move us no closer to becoming “what we would be.”  Trouble is, doing “what you have to do” to achieve your dream means dealing with those Continue reading » Now is NOT the Time for Sorting Gravel

yoga after climbing

Physically and Mentally Strong

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: lululemon athletica

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

— Eleanor Roosevelt

Are there things in your life that you’re tired of “dealing with?”

Have you wrestled with something most of your life and still not managed to conquer it?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the constant effort to get/be fit/trim.  It’s certainly something that many of us struggle with year after year.

I’m the kind of person who believes in possibility.  For years, if I had a problem, I believed that the way to solve it was to Continue reading » Physically and Mentally Strong


Are You Fighting a Blue Funk?

Ever feel like the world is closing in and you’re about to implode? If so, you’re not alone!

It’s going to happen. No matter who we are, there will be times in our lives where we get into a funk. Our motivation takes a back burner and we just get funky.

Darrel Larson

Even when you’re on the verge of implosion you can still shake off that blue funk – you can stand strong, you can resist a funk’s cascading pull and you can regain your power.  Shake off your blue funk – fortify your resilience with one or more of Continue reading » Are You Fighting a Blue Funk?


Making Stress Your Friend

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: topgold

I can show you where the greatest advancement of mankind comes under stress and strain, not comfort.

— Don Young

One of my favorite whines has to do with how I look.  Yes, I’m getting older and I’m showing my age (where I can’t help it), but that’s not what I’m referring to.

My problem is I’m showing my stress.  For all of us who are carrying a little, or a lot, of weight around the middle, there’s good and bad news attached.  The good news is that the weight that you’re carrying is less about a lack of discipline or an unwillingness to give up cake/chips/muffins/buttered popcorn, etc. than it is about the amount of stress in your life.  The bad news is that if Continue reading » Making Stress Your Friend

My Marbles

On the Verge of Losing My Marbles

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: dawnzy58
Are you one of those got-it-together folks who – unlike Tootles – have their marbles all lined up and ready for play?

Peter Pan: How could you know Tootles?

Thud Butt: He was a Lost Boy.

[Thud Butt takes out a small pouch] These are his marbles. These are his happy thoughts.

[Peter empties out the pouch of marbles into his hand and laughs]

Peter Pan: He really did lose his marbles, didn’t he?

— From the movie Hook

I envy people who seem to have everything all organized and lined up… I myself am often on the verge of losing my marbles – they just keep scattering every which way…

Once upon a time, as I was preparing to go on vacation, I wrote in my journal: Why is it so hard to let go of my everyday life and take a few days off? I was feeling torn in many directions because I wanted to get so much done before I left and I needed to pack but wasn’t sure what to take along…which is why I wrote: Continue reading » On the Verge of Losing My Marbles