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Today's Mantra

Minions, I Need Minions!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: lu_lu

Hi folks! We’re out celebrating Labor Day, but we haven’t forgotten you. This week we offer three old favorites for your reading enjoyment. We’ll be back next week with more new posts.

This Post originally published September 15, 2011.

Wouldn’t it be grand to have a minion or two at your beck and call?

Awhile back my niece-in-law, Rikki remarked on facebook, “Minions – I need some…” And I chimed in, “me too!” But just to be sure that I understood the meaning of the word, I checked it out:

A minion is a follower devoted to serving his master relentlessly.

Origin of MINION: Middle French – mignon darling. First Known Use: circa 1500

In my last post I grumbled over trolls that in interrupt our lives with pain and worry… yet today I’m minion-hunting. That’s because I’m of the opinion that trolls have different missions than minions. I believe that trolls, house elves and leprechauns will go to great lengths to accomplish their own agenda regardless of what we mortals want. Rightly or wrongly, I believe that minions are here to serve. So I’m in search of minions – little darlin’s ready to do my bidding. Just think of all the possibilities!

Admittedly, there’s a caveat to my belief that “minions are here to serve.” You see, Rikki’s remark was prompted by the movie Despicable Me. And although I’ve not seen the film, I suspect that the army of minions in Despicable Me are full of mischief… if that’s the case, then millions of Despicable Me’s might be fun, but I’m looking for helpers! I’m looking for minions who will happily work while I go have fun! I especially could have used this army of helpful minions just before the Labor Day weekend!

Company Coming…

Over the recent holiday weekend two of my best buddies and I had a “girls’ weekend away” – at my house. I live in a resort-like community but rarely enjoy all the amenities it offers. Despite the pools and spas and events that prompted this get-together at my house, the three of us had a lovely weekend pretty much divided into two activities:

  • Lounging in the backyard – enjoying the pretty view, the shady trees, the lovely balmy weather – while we chatted, snacked and browsed old magazines that we normally never have time to read.
  • And exploring the local environs while we chatted, snacked, explored antique stores and indulged our appetites at beach eateries.

Anyway, back to why I wanted minions – with houseguests coming I decided to do some above-and-beyond-the-norm housecleaning. Now it’s important that you understand: my friends and I, we don’t care if anybody else’s house is clean or dirty, we’re just glad to spend time together when we can. The housecleaning was for me – and I especially wanted my sliders – those gigantic sliding glass doors that extend across the entire back of my home and open up to my resort view – to be sparkling!

It’s a job I usually shop out to a local window-washer but I didn’t want to do the entire house (too much upheaval to make all the inside and outside windows accessible) nor did I want to ask him to do a partial job… so I did it myself… and really, really wished I had some minions!

A Lesson Learned

In spite of my wishful thinking I learned a lesson: I learned that IF I were to wash those windows (and do other household chores like vacuuming and floor scrubbing) more often, then I would not be in need of the yoga classes I’m about to sign up for…

He that wrestles with us
strengthens our nerves and sharpens our skill.
Our antagonist is our helper.

— Edmund Burke

So perhaps I’ve come full circle – my minions be me… sigh.

If you had a minion or two at your beck and call would ya be willing to share?

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