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There’s an App for That!

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: Cristiano Betta
Is your world plagued with examples of Sturgeon’s Razor?

Sturgeon’s Razor: Theodore Sturgeon first proposed a humorous aphorism that holds that ninety-percent of any realm of endeavor, or more generally, of everything, is worthless; usually in the form “ninety percent of everything is crap.”

And lest you doubt that Sturgeon got it right, take a look at what the former Apple chief evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, had to say about the first Mac:

Don’t worry, be crappy. Revolutionary means you ship and then test… Lots of things made the first Mac in 1984 a piece of crap – but it was a revolutionary piece of crap.

I wonder how many “revolutionary pieces of crap” we each have to deal with on a daily basis.  And then I wonder: What if there were a “cure” for Sturgeon’s Razor? How would it change your life?

Imagine This

Recently I came across a newspaper article advising readers about whether to buy extended warranties with newly purchased computers and this comment caught my attention:

…there are free programs that allow you to easily remove all of the trial programs and other “bloat ware.” One of these programs is called PC Decrapifier…

Ed Schwartz

And I immediately thought:  A “Decrapifier” – now wouldn’t it be nice if we could buy an app for that for our lives?

Or, better yet, as Schwartz went on to say:

There is another program that you should be aware of, and it’s the opposite of PC Decrapifier in that it adds useful applications to your new PC…

Which, of course sent me flying off on another tangent regarding how we might exploit an app that adds useful applications to our lives, on demand!

So I’m off on a daydream’s whirlwind into inner space, entertaining the wonders of a life decrapifier and its opposite!

  • Imagination is the beginning of creation.
  • You imagine what you desire,
  • you will what you imagine
  • and at last you create what you will.
  • — George Bernard Shaw

Go ahead, imagine a world in which you had a “life-decrapifier” and its opposite at your disposal…

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