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Mirror image

Good Futures Hunting

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: jo-h
What is your mirror telling you?

A good mirror is encouraging, giving us a glimpse of our future.

— Julia Cameron
The Writing Diet

There’s nothing like a bad hair day to crush your resolve… and lately I’ve been entrenched in bad hair days.  You see, I’ve been “letting my hair grow longer” until I can decide on a new ’do… You’re probably thinking: Geez, Ellie’s really stuck in the transition hallway – not only can’t she choose a doorway out, she can’t even choose a new hairstyle!  A recent Rose is Rose cartoon pretty much tells the tale:

When Rose’s husband, Jimbo, went a little crazy with his pruning shears, a passing redbird warned the poor, butchered bush “… don’t gaze in any mirrors for a few weeks!”

Yep, that’s about how I’m feeling too – don’t look now…

And despite the fact that, at least for today, it’s probably not the fault of the mirrors, I agree with author and artist, Julia Cameron, who asserts that there are good mirrors and bad mirrors…

…most of us live with multiple mirrors – some kind, some not so kind.  Take your pen and journal and move mirror to mirror within your space carefully recording what you find in each encounter.  You may discover one “good” mirror and five “bad” mirrors. You may discover vice versa.  What you are after is friendly objectivity, a mirror you can view without wincing. You may not be able to purge all of the bad mirrors… but acquire one good mirror… a mirror that says “I like you” when you look into its depths.

So, flyaway hair or not, I’m going “good mirror hunting”.  It can’t hurt to have a few more “kind” mirrors in the house, some “optimistic, I like you” mirrors that will gift me with a new attitude each time I catch a glimpse in them.

How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind.

— David Joseph Schwartz

Good Futures Hunting

Much like my unstyled hairdo, my futures thinking has gotten a bit flyaway and unruly.  Too many of the futures I’ve been gazing into lately have been like bad mirrors, tortured with ripples, spots and dinge. I could blame the “eyes of the beholder” – that would be me – or, at the very least, I could fault the imagination of said beholder… but any way you call it, I’ve been gazing too long into worst-case scenarios when I should be “just visiting”.  As a result, I’m behaving badly when it comes to propelling myself into any New Beginnings…

Just as I could use a few good mirrors around the house, I could also use a few glimpses into good futures: futures that look a little better than I think they can be… futures that propel me towards some “I like you” New Beginnings.

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

— Sydney J. Harris

So, in the spirit of educating Ellie, I’m going good futures hunting as well as good mirror hunting. I’m looking for several best-case futures that will counteract all the dreadful news that insists on showing up every day, futures I can view without wincing.  And then, maybe, just maybe, if I catch some really, really good futures reflecting back at me, I’ll feel more positive and more inspired to work at making them real instead of just imagined.  The heck with hell in the hallway and all those mysterious doors.  It’s time to open some windows on good futures and New Beginnings!

What might you learn by gazing into a mirror that reflects only good futures?

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