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Tug o' war with a one-pound kitten

Tug the Thread

Creative Commons LicensePhoto credit: abbamouse
Have you ever looked back and wondered over a thread that, when tugged upon, changed your life?

Begin to weave and God will give you the thread.

— Anonymous

During these last few weeks of 2010 I find myself drifting into a nostalgia that’s tempered with curiosity about the future… a comment in The Power of Flow: Practical Ways to Transform Your Life with Meaningful Coincidence by Belitz & Lundstrom prompted my reverie:

We see the threads that tie seemingly unrelated events together… [and] …slowly the mundane threads of life become a tapestry of ongoing discovery, deeply absorbing and richly textured.  The magic is in the moment – in this very moment.

Looking Back

Tug on a thread and lives change…

In my senior year of high school I procrastinated about applying to colleges and as a consequence, I enrolled in the college chosen by my Mother and Aunt because it was relatively close to home and was still, in June, taking applications for the September Quarter – and, for the ensuing 27 years, I lived in the nearby town – just thinking about the friends and life experiences that flowed from my senior year’s procrastination gives me goose bumps!

On a bootleg hot plate in my dorm room, I made fudge that didn’t “gel” for some guy-friends and met the then-young man who became my loving husband of 44 years… (And, BTW, earned my “not a chef” rep’…)

We didn’t move to a beach town because of an unexpected layoff… and now I live somewhere else – and can’t imagine life “not here”.  I’m blessed with even more friends and life experiences.

I accidentally applied for a job I thought I didn’t want – threw away the ad but apparently sent a letter of interest; missed my first interview and still got the job – which led to cross-continental business gigs in dozens of small towns in the U.S. and Canada… and many exciting experiences I never would have had otherwise; plus a bunch of phenomenal vacations with my husband.  AND a lifelong friendship with Suz’ who still lives on the other side of the continental U.S.

I (finally) decided to go “out on my own” as an independent contractor and shortly thereafter, at one of the first professional meetings I attended, I met my awesome future business partner, PattiAnn…

I won’t continue to bore you with all the random threads that have woven the warp and woof of my life as I know it.  But I challenge you to think about your own tapestry… and the terrific consequences you now enjoy because you dared to pull a thread and that seemingly small choice pushed you in a new direction with life experiences that wouldn’t otherwise have been yours.

Tug That Thread

Just as threads can weave serendipity into our lives, so too threads can become ropes that bind.

Fear is the rope that ties you down and when you risk in a skillful, gradual way, you are taking the smallest thread, isolating it from the rest of the strand and pulling on it until it gives way.  Then you move on to the next thread, which is weakened by having its neighbor gone.  After a few threads are loosened, the strand itself gives way.  The constricting hold of the fear relaxes, and you move on more freely.

— Belitz & Lundstrom

It’s up to each of us to look with new eyes, to see the tapestry of our lives… and to choose which threads we will allow to bind and which we will pull at until they give way.  Small changes can lead, quietly and gradually, to a life well-lived.

Puts me in mind of the closing verse from Robert Frost’s poem, Road Not Taken:

…I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I —
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

As we wrap up this Year of 2010 and begin to contemplate 2011, I urge you – dare to tug the thread.

Will you?

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