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What Next? – Part 3 – Pack Your Bags for the Journey

BackpackContinued from Part 2

When you’re facing a passel of conflicting decisions, this, the third of five optimistic approaches to unfuddling your brain may be your ticket to clarity.

Tap into your mysterious inner self – let your various “voices” decide what to take on an anticipated “journey” into the unknown!

Put the Cart-Before-the-Horse

Here’s how to figure out what sort of journey you’re embarking upon: Once you’ve decided to make a BIG change, but before you know exactly where you’re going and what you’ll do there, “Pack Your Bags.” Discover in the process, your true intentions for the upcoming journey. The decisions about what to take and what to leave behind can reveal your inner-most hopes (and fears) for the trip at hand.

For instance, when I decide not to take my rollerblades on a trip (for all the usual excuses: too heavy, need a helmet, yada yada) am I, at a different level, deciding to be less active, less adventurous? Am I really being as practical as my excuses would imply or am I simply giving “voice” to the part of me that “doesn’t wanna”? And squelching the part of me that does? And, after giving consideration to these questions, do the rollerblades stay home or travel with me?

Take Ten

Take ten minutes and pack up your imaginary kit bag for your journey. What must-have essentials will travel with you? What wardrobe will serve you on this journey? Will you need navigation tools? Will you take toys? Will you need business tools? Will you be packing for just you or for you and others? Which others? What changes for you when you arrive at your destination? What awaits you? What preparations need to be tied down before you can leave? What can you leave behind?

What Did Your Inner Voices Tell You?

Which of your “voices” shouted, which timidly whispered? Turn up the volume on the whispers – perhaps if you hum their tune for a while you’ll find a delightful new melody?

Let us know what resonates with you.

Continued in Part 4

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