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In the Rose Garden

White Rose BudWith apologies to the poetry aficionados frequenting the BouncebackCafe, I’m offering up an amateur knock-off on the Spoon River Anthology… one of my “what-the-hey” runs at an assignment from my creative writing class.  This is my tongue-in-cheek spoof at my Convent School Education experience.  All names have been changed to protect the guilty!  And, yes, smoking is so NOT PC  (Politically Correct) – a regretted and long-since discarded addiction. It’s hard to believe that my high school class is rapidly approaching our 50th reunion. (Ye gads, my age is showing!) I wonder how many of us still smoke.  C’est la vie! (For those of us who took Latin instead of French, say lah VEE] Life goes on

A Convent School Anthology…

Have you seen, stalking about the convent rose garden,
A hobble-stepping woman clothed in simple skirt and jacket,
A crucifix upon her breast
Hair cut blunt, framing an un-made face?
That would be Sister Mary Ann, who once camouflaged her mean spirit
under the long, black robes and white cowl of a consecrated nun.
Then she was a giver of demerits,
Stalker of students, enforcer of school rules.
Many’s the time she scattered a giggling gaggle of girl-students,
Smoking through a breezy afternoon chatting up the latest gossip.
Oh the demerits she did issue!
Oh the trouble they did suffer!

Where are the convent school girls, Susie, Mara, Katy,
Colleen and Laura,
The feckless student, the downtrodden, the follower-of-leader,
the starlet, the joker?
All, all, are smoking out in the rose garden.

One excelled at sports,
One lost her found faith,
One, tho’ society matron and soccer mom still longed for a mentor,
One lusting for lost beauty succumbed to the surgeon’s scalpel,
One made her vows and lives a life of prayer and teaching —
All, all, are smoking, smoking out in the rose garden.

Where are Sisters Mary Ann, Maria Elena, Christine Alphonse,
Angela Ann, Katherine Louise?
The tormentor of Susie, the critic of Mara, the conscience of Katy,
the grim-reaper of Colleen, the laughing audience of Laura?
All, all, are smoking out in the rose garden.

One was defrocked,
One criticized the bishop,
One abandoned her vows,
One became a hospital social worker,
One found jolly joy where ever she went –
All, all, are smoking, smoking out in the rose garden.

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