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Theatre Arts, Prepaid Phones and All That Jazz!

Creative Commons License photocredit: jenny downing

Is Theater the Ultimate Brain Fitness Product?

In an earlier posting, Overwhelmed With Troubles?, I commented on the value of creative expression as an attitude stabilizer and resilience builder.  And now my gut feel about the drawing lessons has been validated.  A recent post on the blog Cognitive Daily cites a study that confirmed the efficacy of visual arts programs AND the even more impressive gains that the research subjects experienced when participating in a theatre arts program.

Theater, they claim, requires sustained attention to the task in a way that other activities do not. Actors must stay in character for the duration of a scene, unlike studying visual art, where viewers might “rest” in between viewing different images. Also, the participants consistently remarked that theater was “new” to them, and novelty appears to be a key component of brain fitness.

Makes me want to go for that as-yet-unfulfilled urge to try out some theatre!  How about you – what creative urges have you been ignoring?  Maybe it’s time?

This I believe: Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing

Reminiscent of my recent post, Please Pass the Peas, Coleen Shaddox extols the joys of good family times.  She relishes the “fundamental optimism of jazz – even the first four notes tell us something monumental is going to happen!” – and then she assures us, from her perspective as a cancer survivor, that jazz gives her a faith in moving forward as “the universe carries us toward joyful reunions…

Turn on your sound and enjoy!

Newly Budget-Minded Turn to Prepaid Phones

Changing priorities have been the bane of my existence – and I imagine many of you are struggling to find ways to adapt. Andrew Lavallee writes about one such dilemma:

As the economy soured, Jerri Konczak of Duluth, Minn., looked for ways to reduce expenses. Her family cut back on fast-food trips and downgraded its cable-TV service. Then Ms. Konczak dropped her cell phone service and got a prepaid phone – not an easy switch for someone accustomed to nearly unlimited talking and texting.

While I made that switch almost two years ago, I confess that I don’t text and I don’t twitter, at least not yet.  I like my prepaid phone but I only use it when I’m out and about and I do most of my conversations from my land line.  I do understand that this is not a reasonable option for many of you readers.  But perhaps it is a good alternative for others and/or your children, you know, the ones that “forget” and during this summer hiatus run up thousands of texts in a week or two!

Do you have another favorite site (in addition to us, of course)? Let us know about it.

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