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Adversity be Damned, Please Pass the Carmels!

Carmels in a bowl
Creative Commons License photo credit: timlewisnm
How do you choose to see your world?  Is it filled with things going wrong or are you filled with the confidence to carry you over, around and through whatever life throws you?

The mind is its own place, and in itself can make Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.

— John Milton

Mutter, Mutter, Mutter…

Well, Ellie muttered her way through a bunch of clutter last week and forgot to mention it in Wishing You Joy…  Mutter, mutter, mutter… and at Aisling’s you can view a much more artistic version of clutter muttering – go ahead, look at it; it’s a fun rendition of:

Being clear of clutter is one of the greatest aids I know to discovering and manifesting the life you want.

Now ain’t that the truth?

And PattiAnn suggested in Is It Adversity or Is It Life? that perhaps we’re cluttering our lives with mutterings about all those awful things that seem to pop up at the worst possible moment.  As if they’re not supposed to be happening to us!  And, contrary to our expectations, PattiAnn states that life is full of problems – in fact, that’s just life.

Edward A. Murphy knew that – he’s the legendary Murphy of Murphy’s Law (Whatever can go wrong will go wrong…) But did you know that the reason he became famous for this philosophy was because in 1949 he was always walking around Edwards Air Force Base muttering and LOOKING FOR TROUBLE!

Why would he do that?  Because he was responsible for a program that was testing how much deceleration the human body could endure in a crash without being permanently damaged or dead… and he kept reminding people that “lives are at stake here!”  His co-workers may have considered it grumbling and mumbling but I’ll bet the astronauts appreciated his due diligence.  In fact, here’s what base officials had to say about his mutterings:

The Air Force doctor, Dr. John Paul Stapp, who rode a sled on the deceleration track to a stop, pulling 40 Gs, gave a press conference. He said that their good safety record on the project was due to a firm belief in Murphy’s Law and in the necessity to try and circumvent it.

PattiAnn counseled us – for those moments when Murphy’s Law prevails:

Decide now how you will react.  Will you take a deep calming breath and make a new plan or will you spiral up and out of control?

It’s your decision.  As you move forward with an attitude of positive expectancy, you’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy the holidays when you expect that they will be enjoyable.  You’ll be pleased with the creative solutions you find for normal holiday stresses.  You’ll be amazed at your ability to not just cope, but to thrive.

Good advice that I needed just this afternoon when I realized I’d lost my cell phone and hands-free device – gone, not anywhere they should be.  Momentarily I considered having a serious freak-out attack but good sense and PattiAnn’s advice prevailed.  DEEP BREATH.  Now, where would they be if they’re not where they should be?  And, yielding to my rational self instead of my ranting and raving self, I revisited all the spots I’d been since I last remembered having the units in my hand.  And, pasting on a brave smile, at each place, I asked with hope in my heart and voice – “has any one found…” …and sure enough, a very generous waiter crawled under the restaurant booth where I’d had lunch and ta-da!  Found the phone and hands-free device!

That Deep Breath and attitude of positive expectancy works.  Indeed it does.  Thank you PattiAnn, I needed that.

Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch…

Ah the holidays are upon us!  This week I took some time out from my own kvetching to wax nostalgic about holiday traditions in Holiday Nostalgia.  Yum, yum, I can already taste the delicious carmel candies that will be dished out for our family gift exchange!  Want a recipe? offers Butterscotch Carmels a recipe that’s pretty darn close to our family’s “secret recipe”… so enjoy! (And who knows, maybe you’ll start a new family tradition at your place?  Check out some of our other traditions in my post earlier this week.)

And just in case you missed a few opportunities to kvetch about the state of the world, Time Magazine recently published an article naming the last ten years as The Decade from Hell and PattiAnn enumerated some of the disasters that Time described.  But, lest we fall into moping and “woe is me’s,” she was quick to remind us… again:

You have successfully made it this far.  Your coping skills are strong.  Your creativity has helped you to find the pony in the pony poop before, and it will again.  Instead of seeing this as the decade from hell, I choose to view it as a test and we’ve passed with flying colors.

Hear Hear!  Now please pass the carmels!

How do you choose to see your world?  Is it filled with things going wrong or are you filled with the confidence to carry you over, around and through whatever life throws you?

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